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Black Champion EP

by Traum Diggs

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Intro 00:21
BARS 03:11
Sure As 01:59
Traum Diggs Verse 1: Sax Fifth Avenue Flow, She rock the Gucci clutch, don't give out the coochi much; on the rare occasion she'll steam the dutch; wrist gleaming much, such things will have you locked up with customs for custom rings; she's accustomed to custom things that you can't pronounce; But I'm a Brooklyn dude and she loves hanging out; We chill in Ft. Greene, she calls it Clinton Hill; Plus she love it when I take her through Brownsville; Always entertaining conversation, she pure heart; loving different cultures plus she's into art; never knew where to start, so I played my part; caught in the "friend zone"; feeling like Eli in the red zone, no plays to score; even though her whole framework I did adore; her whole allure, body crazy, skin mocha; down to earth, watch sports and played poker; wonder if she knows how I felt, as we sat and conversate about a dude she dealt with; I felt it every time she went into detail; and not a tag on this female was retail. Chorus: Shorty dress like a Hov song, all that shit Kanye talk, but she built like a hood girl, Beyonce got the same walk, Sacks Fifth Ave, a handful of bags and my pants still sag, my pants still sag, with my Sax Fifth Avenue Flow R3vERb Verse 2: gotta love her when i need her, she come thru, I'm like, "to run errands", she like, "whatever boo", she's ramming bout pants sagging, as 2 dudes cross our path n' as we flashin in the benz wagon, her and two friends, we commence the blunt passin', as they keep the conversation up, about how niggas need to grow up, I stay laughing, cuz so often those are the ones that they end up with, opposities attractin', a strong statement, guess that's how I ended with this situation, cats hatin', seem like they waiting for my spot to be taken, but we just friends, I don't have the time or the patience, to deal wit her high maintenance, but moments alone, have me second guessing, always knew I could have her if I started pressin, and the way she fit into the things she dress in, that dvf, gievanchy, lanvin, & louboutin. Repeat Chorus AZIZ Verse 3: Shorty's from Chitown, nice booty, eyes brown; takin' trips to Philly just to keep that vibe 'round; cause she says I'm different than most (of) the niggas that she meet on a daily basis, none of them make her happy; met her on the humble hoping out a taxi wit' two of her friends grabbing mad bags out the back seat; bout to hit Sacks B and lounge for a minute, her whole style's on point like pyramids of kemit; true queen, eyes green, name was maxine, every time i hop in the benz she bangin' c.r.e.a.m.; always had something to steam so loud it'll scream, louis bag matchin her jeans nahmean; she was super fire, no one prior that i desire, on a mental note, never focusing on vagina; we prayed together went shopping even laid together; attracted to each other, but never played with pleasure yeah! Repeat Chorus


This FreeEP is a teaser for the holidays to let my supporters know that I'm still hard at work and still writing heavy! Major Journalism coming in 2012! 623 is the Union! #blackchampion #haildiggs


released November 25, 2011

Special thanks to Williz Freeman, Jukstapose, Brown Sugar Studios and Blue, Bridge the Gap Entertainment, CNK Productions, H. Garv, DJ Tunes, Ms. Lilly, DJ VS, MusikJunkies.com, ARTOFFICIAL, Illmind, The Clipse


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Traum Diggs Maryland

David Shanks aka Traum Diggs is a writer, MC, journalist and "hip-hop lifer" from Brooklyn, NY. Over the last 10 years, he has gained acclaim for his jazz infused sound, humble but potent lyricism, captivating stage performance and continued growth musically. Diggs brings a sense of streets, intelligence and consciousness to his music. ... more

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